Door coordinator
OLDA 30 DK-850 / 1150

Ensures that the door leaves in a double door closes in the correct order. OLDA 30 DK fits both left and right hung doors and is fitted under the top of the door frame. Or with accessory 31 DK on the rear side of the top of the frame. The OLDA 30 DK is available in two lengths. (See below.) Depth: 40 mm. Height: 20 mm.

Function of door coordinator devices on double-leaf door-sets:

  1. The active door-leaf is prevented from closing by the lock-head of the coordinator,
  2. hence, the passive door-leaf closes first
  3. and the coordinator releases the active door-leaf
  4. and both the door-leaves have been closed in the correct order.

Active door-leaf: the door-leaf normally used for passage.
Passive door-leaf: the door-leaf normally not used for passage.

Available as galvanized or in powder coating grey. Other colours are also available on demand.

A-measurement- Colour/Coating – Art.No:
850 – grey – 471014430-850/GR
850 – galvanized – 471014430-850/GA
1150 – grey – 471014430-1150GR
1150 – galvanized – 471014430-1150GA

Material : steel

Protection plates for door leaves and screws are included.

Guide – choose length of coordinator:
for frame-width up to : 1530 mm (frame module: 16 M)
– choose coordinator (with A-measurement): 850
total length of product: 950 mm.

for frame-width up to: 2130 mm (frame module: 22 M)
– choose coordinator (with A-measurement): 1150
total length of product: 1250 mm.


An additional profile (1 meter) is also available. It is cut to fill out the remainder of the frame length and then attached to the coordinator.


drawing (850)
drawing (1150)
mounting guide


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