About OLDA

Since the start in 1985 OLDA Innovation has gathered lots of valuable experience through developing, constructing and manufacturing products. It has mostly been special products, prototypes and tools for the automotive industry and similar manufacturing industries.
Our largest asset except for our employees is our cutting processing.

Our department for manual turning and milling is perfect for developing and manufacturing special tools, prototypes and low series. We can also offer a complete service with welding department, assembly and laser marking for full traceability. We also provide our customers with on site installation.

OLDA door fittings

OLDA Innovation also has a special department for manufacturing and assembling of our own door fittings with it’s own registered trademark OLDA®. For example our automatic flush bolt used in passive door leaf in double doors.

Our products are developed over the years with innovative solutions, safety regulations in mind and a high flexibility towards our customers. This is a necessity for our door fittings department which manufactures and assembles security and safety products used in, for example, fire and emergency exit doors.

OLDA® door fittings can be found throughout Europe.

Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

RZ Olda Innovation AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We have also integrated workplace health & safety into our management system.



Link to our quality, environmental, health & safety and IT-security policies (in swedish).

A whistle blower function is established, centrally by the RZ Gruppen, read more here:

Read more about the RZ Gruppen – including our Code of Conduct.


OLDA flush bolts, door limiters and coordinators is listed in the swedish “ByggVaruBedömningen”.
ByggVaruBedömningen” is a system that evaluate and provide information regarding environmental evaluated building products and influence the product development towards a toxic free and good environment in buildings.

Swedens largest and most important property owners and building companies has joined forces to develop a standard for environmental evaluation of building products. With a common standard for evaluations and an easy to use system to locate environmental evaluated products, the ambition is that the buildings of tomorrow will be built and managed with only environmental evaluated products. The environmental evaluation of the ByggVaruBedömningen is performed based on criterias which evaluate both the properties of the substances in the product as well as the influence from the product during its lifecycle. The product can receive the evaluation, Recommended, Accepted or Avoided

RZ Olda Innovation AB are affiliated with NPA; Näringslivets ProducentAnsvar – the swedish collection system for recycling and reporting of packaging.