Manual flush bolt

An extended bolt (Ø12×60) makes this product prepared to work with automatic drop seals. Bolts are also available in, for example, Ø8 and Ø10 mm.

The forend, with dimensions 22 x 200 mm, are made of brushed stainless steel and have round corners.

For manual locking sequence of passive door leaf made of wood, steel or aluminium profiles. The flush bolt is operated by a lever mechanism. Recessed fitting up and/or down in passive door leaf. The Ø12 mm bolt is placed 32 mm from the back of the forend and is vertically adjustable.

Material: steel / stainless steel (forend)
Coating: zinc plated

Art.No: 47101433/R32M

Screws are included.
Guide- and lock-tubes are included (from 2017-01-01).

See also automatic flush bolt OLDA 33 HZA-R32F with the same fitting dimensions.


mounting guide


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