Manual flush bolt

note. This product was previously called 30 HZ


Manual, single action flush bolt for non-spring-loaded bolting of passive door leaf in double doors.


OLDA 30 HZM is bolted manually with a lever mechanism and has bolt diameter 10 mm, backset 12 mm and forend width 25 mm.

Same dimensions as automatic flush bolts OLDA 28 HZA type 1 and type 2.

Manufactured in steel. Coating: electro zinc plating.


To be recessed into wooden doors, both up and/or down in the edge of passive door leaves.


OLDA 30 HZM is fitted recessed in the edge of the door, either flush, with cut-out or without cut-out for the forend.

Fixed with four screws.


Lock plate LP 10.


  • Manual, single action and non-spring-loaded bolt function
  • Bolt:
    • diameter: 10 mm
    • projection: 20 mm
    • adjustability: -1 / +6 mm
  • Round electro zinc plated forend in steel
  • Product:
    • width: 25 mm
    • height: 168 mm
    • depth: 20 mm
    • forend thickness: 2 mm
  • Backset including forend: 12 mm
  • Installation: in door leaf edge
    • fixed with electro zinc plated screws, countersunk (rec. dim. 3,5×40 mm), 4 pcs.
  • Accessories: Lock plate LP 10
    • fastened with electro zinc plated screws, countersunk (rec. dim. 3,5×16 mm), 4 pcs.
  • Material: steel
  • Coating: electro zinc plating

Product ID:

  • 11-030-0000-11xx

note. Accessories and screws for installation are ordered separately, or as a part of different product KITs.

Alternative versions:

OLDA 30 HZM with extended bolt

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