Dust excluding floor socket


Commonly used when flush bolts are fitted at the bottom, to prevent grit and dust to obstruct correct locking of the bolt.


OLDA FS has 22 mm stroke length, for stronger locking and adaptation for flush bolts in connection with automatic drop seals.

Available in two versions, with spring loaded opening Ø 13 mm, which fit bolts between Ø 8 – 12 mm, and with opening Ø 16 mm, which fit bolts between Ø 10 – 15 mm.

Manufactured in stainless steel – for longer life span.


Recommended to secure the function and increase the life span of bolts, especially in doors with high frequency of passage.

Dust excluding floor sockets are commonly used to complement automatic and manual flush bolts. They also fit other types of bolts, e.g. espagnolettes or locking of folding doors.


OLDA FS is screwed in sill or wooden floor.

The outer diameter is 22 mm and the total height is 50 mm. When the forend is screwed on top of the sill/floor, visible height is only 2 mm. The rounded corners also facilitate recessed mounting – in level with sill/floor.


  • Stroke length: 22 mm
  • Spring loaded opening:
    • Ø 13 mm (FS 12) fits bolt Ø 8-12 mm
    • Ø 16 mm (FS 15) fits bolt Ø 10-15 mm
  • Dimensions:
    • outer diameter: 22 mm
    • height: 50 mm
    • forend: 53 x 22 x 2 mm with round corners
  • Installation: in sill or wooden floor
    • fixed with stainless steel screw, countersunk (rec. dim. 4×20 mm), 2 pcs.
  • Material: stainless steel, stainless steel spring

Product ID:

  • OLDA FS 12 (Ø13): 20-117-1200-30xx
  • OLDA FS 15 (Ø16): 20-117-1500-30xx

note. Screws for installation are ordered separately, or as a part of different product KITs.

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