Door buffer


A door buffer with flexible installation, either on floor or wall.

Can be used both for hinged and sliding doors.


The fixing plate has dimensions 110 x 35 mm.

At horisontal installation, the total length is 125 mm including the rubber stop and the height (from the floor) 46 mm.

And at vertical installation, the depth is 77 mm including the rubber stop.

Manufactured in steel, available with powder coating white or gray. Other colours, textures and patterns are also available by request.


Fits both left and right doors.

Mainly intended for inner doors.


OLDA 94 DS is fitted on floor or wall.

Fixed with four screws.


  • Fixing plate:
    • length: 110 mm
    • width: 35 mm
  • Product dimensions:
    • horisontal installation:
      • length: 125 mm including rubber stop
      • height: 46 mm (from floor)
    • vertical installation:
      • depth: 77 mm including rubber stop
  • Installation: on floor or wall
    • Fixed with electrozinc plated screws, round head (rec. dim. 4,5√ó30 mm), 4 pcs.
  • Material: steel
  • Coating: powder coating; white (RAL 9010) or grey (RAL 9006)

Product ID:

  • White (WT): 41-094-0001-20xx
  • Grey (GR): 41-094-0001-21xx

note. Screws for installation are ordered separately, or as a part of different product KITs.

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product documents

product leaflet
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pdf: 94 DS

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product models - 3D

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