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Next generation OLDA automatic flush bolts!
In door systems with demanding fire proof requirements, a flush bolt can sometimes weaken the fire resistance to an undesired extent.
Because of this, OLDA have developed 600 HZA (previously 100 HZA) which is fitted in the door frame above the door leaves. It works like a regular flush bolt, the active door activates a latch which bolts the already closed passive door. Minimal cut-out in the passive door leaf and easy fitting are some of the advantages.

Automatic locking sequence of passive door leaf made of steel or aluminium profiles. The 14 mm bolt is vertically adjustable but is not equipped with a spring loaded function.

Material: steel Coating: zinc plated

type1 : 471014100-1
type2 : 471014100-2

Photo shows flush bolt type 2.
See our guide
how to choose type of flush bolt.

Strike plate, lock tube and screws are included.

To receive an additional locking point in the bottom of the door leaf, an automatic flush bolt OLDA 27 HZ, 33 HZ, 34 HZ or 43 HZ could be used.


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