Automatic flush bolt

Automatic locking sequence of passive door leaf for double leaf doors made of wood, also rebated, and also steel or aluminium profiles without joint edges. Recessed fitting up and/or down in passive door leaf. OLDA 31 HZ-C is designed for a cut out made with an end cutter. The Ø12 mm bolt is equipped with a spring loaded function, but is not vertically adjustable. The width of the product is 20 mm. Height: 160 mm. Depth: 20/40 mm.

Material: steel
Coating: zinc plated

type1 : 47101431-1C
type2 : 47101431-2C

Photo shows flush bolt type 1.
See our guide
how to choose type of flush bolt.

Lock plate, strike plate and screws/nails are included.


mounting guide


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